Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Zombie Catchers Hack Android

Hey Guys,

This is a method to increase the gold and plutonium levels of ZOMBIE CATCHERS on Android Platform.This method requires a Android device with following services:
  1. A rooted Android device.
  2. A root file explorer application.
  3. "A little bit of patience".
This hack method must be done carefully otherwise it can hinder with your game data so be keen.
The Zombie Catchers hack step are as follows:

  1. Force stop your Zombie catchers application.
  2. Open a root file explorer(for instance "root browser").
  3. Go to home directory.
  4. Open the data folder.
  5. Open the sub-folder data.
  6. Open the package of zombie catchers application.
  7. Go to the shared prefs folder.
  8. Open the file named "dkkkvdnhgjtd.xml" with a text editor.
  9. Find the variable named jgeuufjbn1 and change its value for GOLD HACK.
  10. Find the variable named jgeuufjbn2 and change its value for PLUTONIUM HACK.
  11. Save the file.
  12. Now start the  ZOMBIE CATCHERS application and let the MAGIC happen!.
YOU should view this video link for full explained steps->ZOMBIECATCHERSHACK

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